Hi Guys!

I had the privilege of going to London for vacation with my great friend and Soror Keshia Knight Pulliam in 2012.

We were in London just in time for the 2012 Olympic Games! How exciting! We attended the tennis matches at Wimbledon court and the Men’s Basketball game as well. Keshia and I even walked the set of Fast and Furious 6 where I caught up with my dear friend Paul Walker, God rest his soul.

I just have to tell you guys about one of the best moments I had in London. I was in line at Harrod’s getting ready to purchase an exclusive perfume of theirs. This handsome and clean cut man in front of me had my perfume and a cologne of his preparing to check out. Striking up common conversation, I asked him “oh are you purchasing that for me?” He said “sure, why not.”

He paid for it with a black card but I still didn’t think anything of that because plenty of people have them. As the salesman checked him out, the salesman said “generous man” while winking at me but I didn’t get the hint. After the transaction, I asked the man his name and where he was from. The gentleman said he was from Dubai. I thanked him for his generosity and for blessing me.

Later, the salesman came up to me and said “Ma’am did you not know who that was?” I said no.  The salesman told me that he was a Sheikh. Being American, I was unaware of what that was so I said “what the heck is a Sheikh?” LOL. The salesman said that it means he’s either King or Prince of Dubai. I said what? I was floored. Later on, walking into the Loubutin section I shouted “Jesus, bring back the Sheikh!” Haha!

London always gives me the best memories. This trip was not exempt. There was plenty of great food, great people and great fellowship! I am so blessed to have had this wonderful experience!

Love You All!