My Why?

In all honesty, initially this was not something I wanted to do. I get stopped all the time by people asking me to mentor them and I say no because I know my schedule, and I take the time commitment of mentorship seriously. Then one day after a speaking engagement, a young lady by the name of Dasia approached me for mentorship. This happens quite often and again due to the time commitment I would have normally declined. I asked her was she willing to invest in herself? She said YES! So Instead of just directing her to my one on one session she motivated me to come up with a cost effective group plan that would include a community of women coming together to learn the tools they needed to take their life  and business to the next level. Once we started the program and I witnessed the amazing testimonies, accomplishments


and transformations that were happening in the lives of the women who signed up and it became my joy to service them. They requested that I continue it, so here it is our Fearless Queen’s Club. Women of all ages and all walks of life are joining us and walking in their royal destiny to take their life and business to the next level. 


The Fearless Queen’s Club provides women with mentorship, guidance and support in life and business. The club is founded by myself, Arian Simone an entrepreneur, celebrity publicist, author, and philanthropist. Being a part of this royal sisterhood has great benefits, access and networking opportunities. 




Upon graduating college, Arian Simone was laid off from her job and went from living in her apartment, to out of her car. She was without a home of her own for almost a year before she was sought out to do public relations and marketing independently. Building a successful PR and Marketing Firm from the ground up, she established great relationships in the entertainment industry with clients such as the Sony Pictures, Universal Pictures, Walt Disney Pictures and more. She is credited with doing publicity and promotions work on films such as Ride Along, Limitless, Hancock, Takers, and 007: Quantum of Solace just to name a few. She has also serviced clients in the music industry; her client list included Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Ne-Yo, countless others.

I have been blessed with a high END CLIENTELE and access to great resources. I am

honored to share my gift with the world.

The Royal Sisterhood

Being apart of this royal sisterhood has great benefits and networking opportunities. Everyone collectively shares their resources and contacts with each other. And you never know, one of the other Queens in the club may be the answer to your question. You are always one person or idea away from taking your life to the next level.


During my 1st mentorship meeting with Arian I told her all of my goals, dreams, and aspirations; in less than 5 minutes she began to pour out information, contact leads and much more that would help me excel in my career. Through Arian and the Fearless Queen’s Club I now have access to Entertainment Tonight host Kevin Frazier, correspondent Nischelle Turner, meetings lined up with a syndicated network, several contacts from Essence Magazine and many more. Having Arian as my mentor has changed my life in more ways than I can ever explain, she is honest, reliable, trustworthy, and I can truly tell she has a passion for using the blessings that God has given her to help other people. I am forever grateful and honored to proudly say my mentor is Arian Simone.  


– Dasia Tyler

By Gods beckoning, Arian was able to reach out to me via Facebook and invited me to join this phenomenal club and lifelong sisterhood with the motto: “No Queen Left Behind.”  I did not know what I was in for, but I was ready for a BIG 180 degree life change. I prayed for assistance and only after the very first meeting was I super inspired and ready to take on the world!  You can imagine how I began to feel after numerous other meetings.  Being in this club has broadened my knowledge on my business tremendously. Arian has given us amazing pointers that we can apply to every area of life and truly has a heart for this and has a great connection with her Queens.


– Vanessa Miller

The Fearless Queen’s Club has been very instrumental in my journey to publishing. Not only is Arian a wealth of information, but she’s extremely passionate and hands on. Arian is a great listener whom has mastered the ability to bring clarity to my visions and goals. She offers step by step instructions and gives attainable goals. This mentoring group provides great inspiration, motivation and networking opportunities.



– Danelle Jupiter

Coming from a background of being a Trainer/Instructor I have always multitasked and constantly kept new lesson plans in the works. This group has set me free as an entrepreneur to focus on the main purpose to get out the information that is pertinent to my voice & my calling. This community of women and connection at this time was divinely appointed.



– Cortne Smith

Fearless Queens Club Training

Module 1

Fearless Dominion

Thou Shalt Exercise Your Dominion & Authority With Humility

What business would you like to get accomplished while you reign here on earth? This is not limited to entrepreneurs or those who desire to own a business. All women in all professions have business to handle. What are your dreams? What is your purpose? Who would you like to serve? What are your goals? What’s your heart’s desire? In this session we evaluate where you are and where you would like to be. Then we establish what steps you need to take to get there. You will be given 3 action items that must be completed by the next meeting.

Module 2

Fearless Focus

Thou Shalt Be Faithful Over A Few Things To Be Ruler Over Many

We as women are beyond creative and have so many ideas that come to us but not all need to be acted upon at that moment. After we review your progress on your 3 completed task towards your goals, we evaluate what needs to continue, what needs to stop or be tabled for a later date. There is a difference between businesses vs. busi-ness.  The goal is to be productive not busy.  We help you narrow your focus, so you can go in the direction you flow in. You also receive affirmations and declarations to keep you focused on your life’s direction.

Module 3

Fearless Queen’s Court

Thou Shalt Not Do It Alone

Who is on your Queen’s Court? As a Queen you can’t do it all, you must have help! Queens make large impacts on society and it should not be done alone. A Queen must seek wise counsel. In this session we evaluate and establish industry mentors and advisory board members. We go through an in-depth process to identify each team member and/or executive board member that you will need to have in place in order to accomplish your goals and serve the people you were created to serve!

Module 4

Fearless Beauty

Thou Shalt Always Keep Her Crown On

You not only must act like a queen but it’s important that you look like a queen also. We educate on the old ancient beauty secrets and recipes of Queens: Queen Esther, Queen of Sheba, and Queen Cleopatra. Skin care, hair care, make up, perfumes and wardrobe are included in the education. You must look the part to get the role!

Module 5

Fearless Legacy

Thou Shalt Leave an Inheritance To Thine’s Children’s Children

In this session we go over priorities, in the area of faith, family, finances, and more. The bible says you shall bring forth fruit and your fruit shall remain. We review and provide you with financial and legal resources so that your financial house is in order and you are fully equipped and protected to pass down your legacy with ease. It’s our desire that you reign with style & grace!

What’s the Investment to Enroll?

We are currently having open enrollment November 21 – December 15, 2016 for the 2017 Calendar Year with the program beginning on January 10, 2017. Open membership slots fill up fast, if we are full before December 15, 2016 enrollment will close.



  • Five video training modules
  • Great relationships developed in our Royal Sisterhood
  • Private Facebook group
  • Live Q&A’s with Arian Simone
  • You will need your Queen’s Scroll (Journal)
  • Great resources and contacts
  • Monthly Training Workshops
  • Full action plan from A to Z to get your goals accomplished
  • Personal One on One Monthly Concierge Call
  • A Sister Queen partner for accountability
  • Discounts on additional workshops, trainings or events
  • A more fulfilled life


There are currently Fearless Queen’s Club Chapters in Atlanta and Detroit. If you are interested in chartering a chapter in your city you must have at least 25 members. Chapters have monthly in person meetings once a month from September to June year round.





Spend a day with me, Arian Simone filled with pampering, beauty and business! We start the day off with a fabulous brunch discussing your vision; where you are in life and where you desire to be. We indulge in spa treatments, then you will get your hair & make up done and take a photo in the Queen’s Throne Chair for you to keep and post on social media or frame in your house. A beautiful keepsake for a Queen. Throughout the day while you are being serviced we will be going through a customized plan for your goals. You will receive, resources, contacts and strategy on how to get to the next level. We end the day with a dinner that is fit for a Queen. This is a full-day consultation all while living the fun, fly, fabulous life that you deserve.

For those interested in the Fearless Queen For A Day package this is a $5000 investment and available to applicants only upon acceptance to apply please email.

No Queen Left Behind Policy

Every Queen in the club is paired with a Sister Queen for weekly calls to maintain accountability.

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