Hi Guys,

I had the honor of speaking at Sophia Amoruso’s Inaugural Girlboss Rally! I shared my journey and spoke on 7 Key Steps To Pursue Your Dreams Fearlessly! It was a total success!

The night before the rally, I attended the VIP dinner. I just so happened to be seated next to Rachel Weiss, VP Digital Innovation & Entrepreneurship at L’Oreal. She taught me a very valuable lesson at dinner: focus on your assignment and anything else above that is a gift. 

So, here is the back story! The rally was loaded with fabulous speakers and heavy hitters, such as Kevin Systrom CEO & Co-Founder of Instagram. Susan Lyne President and Founding Partner of BBG Ventures (and former CEO of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia), Whitney Cummings and more!


Well, I wanted to see Gabrielle Bernstein’s talk, but she was scheduled to speak at 9:15 am. I didn’t speak until 4:20 pm. I explained to Rachel I was so upset that I was going to miss Gabby, and that I just didn’t have time tomorrow to run back and forth, as well as get ready. Rachel looked at me and said, “Arian we are not going to do this.” She asked if it was best for you to run back and forth or was it best for you to get prepared on what I was assigned to do? I agreed that it was best for me to get prepared on what I was assigned to do. She told we were not going to have any FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) tomorrow. She repeated herself and said, “Look at me, no FOMO.”

She reminded me that I was there to serve the people I was assigned to and that anything above that was a gift. And that if I went into it with that attitude, there would be no lack, and that I would be appreciative of all my gifts!

Rachel is honestly one of the coolest, sweetest people you would ever encounter and I am so glad she helped shift my perspective and got me “all the way together.”

My day was filled with countless gifts and blessings, for which, I am more than grateful!

So my lesson to you is to stay focused on what you are called to do and God will take care of the overflow!