Hi Guys!

I went to London to watch my beloved Detroit Lions play the Atlanta Falcons with my sister Ashley.

Ashley was stationed in the UK for work. After the game in London, she wanted us to go and explore Paris, France. Ashley and I vacation differently. While I like to sleep in and see sites at my leisure, she likes to wake up at 7AM and catch every single tourist attraction, LOL. But, I decided to go and be determined to see every single place Ashley had heard of. We were able to hang out with Ndamukong Suh and his family, it was so great seeing my extended family! One of the highlights of my trips was when Ashley and I went to visit the Louvre in Paris and she wanted me to do the shmoney dance in front. Of course, we were shut down by the cops! I’ve posted the video below.

My trip to London and Paris was an unforgettable experience. Spending time with the Suhs and sister was amazing. The food was fabulous and the monuments were beautiful. We partied, we shopped and, even better, the Lions won the football game! These experiences I hold so dear and I am so happy and blessed to see the world with someone I love.